Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We will provide you with accurate transcripts in any format WHEN you need them. We will use the best technology to provide you with litigation support services that will facilitate and enhance the discovery process and the presentation of your evidence at trial.


Realtime Reporters was founded in 1999 to provide court reporting services throughout West Virginia and in southeastern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Since 1999, we have added many additional services and products to our array of services, including realtime reporting (CaseViewNET, LiveNote, RealLegal Binder, Summation), video and digital photo services (depositions, playback, digitizing, synchronizing with the transcript, day-in-the-life, settlement videos, evidentiary videos, etc.), trial presentation services (electronic presentation of evidence using TrialDirector), videoconferencing (Polycom multipoint conferencing), photocopying and scanning services, and Internet deposition services.

We are excited to have over 100 office locations nationwide with discounted rates available to schedule your out-of-state depositions as well.

Why Choose Us?

At Realtime Reporters, not only do we provide the most highly-qualified court reporters, we also provide many other services to save you time, money, and to make your depositions and court proceedings go much smoother.

Ahead of the Curve

We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technology available that will enhance our clients' ability to serve those they represent in the most professional way possible.

Above and Beyond

In addition to realtime reporting, we provide complete video, trial presentation, and videoconferencing services. Please browse our website to learn more about our services...